Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bonuses are designed to enhance the trading experience of our clients, and to result with, possibly, a better outcome for the client.

All bonuses are redeemable. This means that the actual bonus itself can be withdrawn, once the required volume has been traded.

Any and all bonuses must first be offered to clients, accompanied by a full description and terms of the bonus, which the clients must first agree to and accept, before the bonus can be granted. Each and every bonus accepted by clients must be recorded on file.

Bonuses are credited to the client’s account and are subject to compliance with the terms of the offer made to, and agreed by the client, e.g. making minimum deposits or purchasing a minimum amount of options within a specified time period, or trading a minimum amount in monetary volume; all this provided that each client’s individual economic profile warrants such a bonus.

If a bonus expires before the bonus requirements have been met, then the bonus (and any profits derived from trading those bonus funds) is automatically removed.

When a bonus is received by a client the bonus funds will be shown separately from the client’s own money, so effectively there will be two balances (cash balance, and bonus balance).

The company may offer either of two types of redeemable bonuses; the Pending Cash Bonus, and the Proportional bonus.

With a Pending Cash Bonus clients are informed in advance that the bonus funds can only be utilized after the client has traded a pre-defined amount of volume, in which case the bonus instantly becomes withdrawable cash.

With the Proportional bonus the client is given a bonus of a specific amount. In every subsequent trade the amount used from the cash money, and the amount used from the bonus money is in direct proportion to the deposit and the bonus given. Profits and losses are allocated accordingly.

Profits made from trading own funds belong exclusively to the client, as do the losses. Profits made from trading bonus funds, are added to the bonus balance, and respective losses are deducted from the bonus balance.

Bonus funds only become redeemable cash after the necessary volume has been traded, in which case both the initial bonus amount (if it still exists) and any bonus profits will instantly be transferred to the cash balance, and will become withdrawable cash.

Funds in the bonus balance remain non-withdrawable until the client has traded the necessary volume.

Unless stated otherwise in the terms of the offer, the maximum trading volume requirements per bonus is (Deposit + Bonus) X 20 times. The precise trading volume of each and every bonus is specified in each bonus offer. Please contact support for further information.


Client deposits 3000 and receives 100% bonus with a Trading Volume Requirement of 20x. He makes 8 trades with a total profit of €400.

Clients’ money (cash & Bonus) are used for the trades proportionally, in this case 50%-50%.

Here the client can withdraw up to €3200 as he has not yet met the whole volume trading requirements.

All bonuses are subject to an expiration date, which is always specified in the each individual bonus offer.

When stated so, cash bonuses can be instantly withdrawn as cash, with no attached terms or conditions.

The company does not restrict traders from making withdrawals during periods where they have not yet met the trading volume requirements related to their bonus. Clients may withdraw their own fund while they still have a pending bonus, in which case the bonus funds will be reduced by an equal amount.

Clients are free to accept or reject any bonus, but are always urged to refrain from abusing them. Abusing any of the offers could lead to cancellation of the bonus/benefit and closure of the client’s account on the Company’s website.

The bonuses/benefits must be used within the period defined in the details of the special offer. Should the bonus/benefit fail to be used within this time frame, the bonus/benefit will be withdrawn from the client’s account.

The Company reserves the right to revoke the bonus/benefit should the special offer be abused and/or should the offer’s terms fail to be met. The Company’s decision – should this be the case – shall be final. The Company reserves the right to revoke or change the offers at any time without prior notice.

The minimum deposit for a bonus/benefit is €200. The maximum bonus/benefit a trader can receive is up to 125% the size of the deposit. Large bonuses will be subject to the Company’s discretionary approval.

From time to time the operator may offer various competitions to its clients, the winners of which will be published on the website.

Clients might be offered a “lower-risk trade” or a “protected trade” bonus, upon a deposit. These are always for a specific number of trades, and cover any losses incurred from these trades. If the trades close out of the money (losses), the company reimburses those losses back to the trader, in the form of a redeemable bonus. Consequently those redeemable bonuses will have trading volume requirement which will have to be met, before the bonus can be withdrawn. If the bonus expires before the required volume is traded, the bonus will be automatically cancelled.

Occasionally the company may have a draw and award the winners gifts such as laptops, smartphones, software and/or free memberships to financial information companies. In such cases the trader will be informed from within the advertisement what needs to be done to enter the draw. For example the trader may have to download a smartphone application or answer a questionnaire. The winners, as randomly drawn, will be published on the website, and these published results will be final. Winners will be informed by email, and any physical prizes will be posted directly to them.
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