Islamic Account

Interest-Free Islamic Account for Fatwa Mutajarah

For our Islamic clients, we would like to elaborate on our interest-free trading accounts. With MarketsXo, followers of the Islamic faith too will have the advantage of trading exclusively interest-free.

As the individualistic trait’s impact on the different markets continuously grows, we realized that we too have to broaden our services and offer exclusive deals to prospective clients according to their individualistic needs, desires, and faiths. This means that each and every new client of ours, who follows the Islamic faith and is eligible for an Islamic account, is free from any additional charges and/or financial penalties. Owners of the Islamic account will enjoy the following benefits:

-Interest-Free Trading
All MarketsXo traders have the privilege of interest-free trading. This advantage will also be shared by our Islamic account members, who are allowed to keep an investment open without paying any extra charges.
If you’re indeed entitled to the Islamic account, using this benefit shouldn’t be ill-treated, as we do attempt to come forward and support your trading in any possible way.

Partner with other traders to share a predetermined value of profit & loss. The partnering benefit allows traders to combine forces and jointly invest in options, and thus reap profits with their partners simultaneously.

-Supplements & Presents
Offering gifts or presents to organizations, under the conditions of MarketsXo, is another benefit our Islamic account members enjoy.
The luxury of the Islamic account grants you with the opportunity to choose the account type you assigned to, including our Gold, Platinum and Black Club accounts.

In addition and regardless of the account type you choose, the following conditions will always apply to all our Islamic accounts:
• As a valued trader, you’ll receive a fair & validated service under MarketsXo’ policy.
• MarketsXo will not conceal any of its Islamic accounts.
• You shall never experience hidden spreads, charges or fees.

To enjoy a very warm Marhaba and other rewarding privileges, apply here to open an Islamic account.