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Crude Oil Price is reversing back to its $100 a barrel average price – Perfect time to buy!
When global oil producers failed to set a production cap at the high-profile Doha meeting last month, doomsayers predicted prices would crater. How wrong they were! In the meantime, we’ve seen crude oil prices rise to their highest level since early November 2015. Crude oil was at a 13-year record $25 low in mid-January 2016 and has soared more than 70 percent since. The U.S. saw oil stockpiles explode to their highest level since at least World War II over the last six months. Crude Oil price key indicators started pointing in a bullish direction again :
– A weaker dollar raises oil prices: The market price of crude oil is valued in US dollars. Therefore, when the oil price falls or rises, you also need to look at the value of the dollar against a range of currencies.
– US oil inventories and storage space: Everyone knows that there is an excess supply of oil and that prices will not rise until that excess disappears. So, market analysts watch the utilization of oil storage in the United States very closely. This has become an indicator of where the price of oil is going.
– Oil Production : The existing wells are rapidly producing less and less and what used to be US oversupply flooding the market is no more. Naturally, the imports are rising again to offset the falling production thus pushing up the price of oil.
– Disruption in supplies: Channeling the ground realities, disruption in oil supply across the world as a result of terrorism, strikes, sabotage or lack of maintenance are all sharp reasons for price fluctuations.
Taking all the indicators under consideration MarketsXo’ analysts are predicting a bullish trend on Crude Oil .

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The Great British Pound reached its lowest point since 1985!
At the end of the London trading day , the pound was down by nearly 9% against the dollar, making this one of the biggest one-day declines on record. A British vote to leave the European Union has shocked the world’s financial markets and has brought the British pound down to a 31-year low, its biggest fall in history.The final results of the historic EU referendum – a 52 to 48 split in favour of Britain’s exit – have set the UK down an uncertain path towards independence and represent the largest blow to European efforts at greater unity since World War II. But the exit vote is also bad news for investors. British banks took a $130bn hit on Friday, with financial giants such as Barclays and Lloyds down 30 percent.The fall was reportedly even larger than the drop during the 2008 global financial crisis.
Currency exchange market is one of the largest trading entity in the world. Everyday $4.0 trillion goes in and out of the central repository between the banks and between nations. This market is controlled by the government of a country rather than individual players.The following indicators are showing the recovery of the GBP value :
-Stock market corrections happen often : Corrections are an inevitable part of stock ownership, and nothing can stop a correction from occurring.
-Every time a currency loses such a high amount of value tends to correct itself : Historical events have shown that every time a currency suffers a huge downfall due to fiscal and monetary policies rises up again.
-The return of assets in the country will help the boost of the economy: The human capital is being known one of the main resources with the total capacity to carry out the goals of a nation.
-Major companies will need to open new headquarters in Britain : There will be barriers to trade in the form of higher tariffs and it will be more suitable for a lot of companies to open a branch in the UK instead of paying taxes for import/export.
Right now, GBP value is rising. After BREXIT the GBP value went down drastically, MarketsXo’ analyst group is forecasting GBP price will climb up again, which provides us a long and stable investment opportunity.

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Orders for the newly launched Tesla Model have blown the projections away!
Tesla Motors is now more than an electric car maker. As expected, the California company late Thursday night presented new stationary batteries for homes, businesses and even utilities, all wrapped up in a significant new business called Tesla Energy. Tesla has demonstrated that a mass market electric car appealing to all demographics can exist. In this, Tesla is revolutionary. Many analysts believe that buying Tesla stock is buying confidence in the future. We have been watching Tesla shares rise in the past two years continuously making it almost impossible to believe it.
Why now is the time to buy Tesla Motors Stock:
-Tesla has come a long way: Tesla has delivered more than 70,000 electric cars and recently expanded its scope to solar power batteries for homes.
-Tesla is transforming the brand from a luxury car to an affordable mode of transportation. The Model 3 will be the least expensive Tesla with a $35,000 price tag.
-Tesla is building the Gigafactory in Nevada to produce enough lithium to supply the estimated 500,000 cars per year that the company expects to produce by 2020 ,to support vehicle demand.
Tesla is aiming one of the biggest markets in the world, the China market.
-Does Tesla have the ability to single-handedly change the way the world consumes?With someone as tenacious and resilient as Elon Musk at the forefront of the company, the majority of analysts think yes!
Don’t be too late to invest in what MarketsXo analysts predict to be one of the most exceptional investments of the last decade.

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